Thursday, August 23, 2007

Promotion at Optimax Laser Eye Specialist Centre (Malaysia)

PROMOTION (subject to change)

Optimax have various promotion. Some ways u can cut budget is that
- Currently they have buy one free one for INTRA LASIK (2 friend do the same treatment). After discount is RM4k per pair of eyes (UP: RM5.6k in JB). One of their T&C is that the person must Malaysian with no lodging provided. (Update: When i went to my 3 month check up I check with the staff that this promo has ended. So keep a look out in case they have this promo again.)

- Referral program. Ask around if you already had friends doing the surgery. Your friend is entitled Rm200 reward. Can get the RM200 30 days later. If you do not know anyone who done it then you can contact me. I will pass back to u RM150 after 30days (Update: I use this program and got mine after 2-3 months. So its longer than the stipulated 30days in their advertisement). Leave your email at comment and i will contact you.

-If u do the usual treatment (Price after promotion) then you are entitle to free one night stay at hotel. This is more applicable to outstation patient and this is not stated anywhere. Have to inquire.

- If u did the surgery within same month of check up they will not charge the RM100 for check up. Alternatively you can fill in survey form in optimax website to be entitle for the RM50 for check up.

- They have student and government servant price but it applies to LASIK only (price less than RM4 for a pair of eyes). Rarely people choose lasik now because its the oldest technology and more risk of side effect. Either that its 15 percent off any package. This is not a usefull promotion as the promotion price for the general public is lower than 15 percent off.

-Pay by credit card. They have 0 percent interest payment (apply to malaysia credit card only).

-Most of the promotion are not found online. You have to go to their centre and read their pamphlets


mclaw said...

Hi Yvonne, I've paid RM100 at their roadshow. Just wondering i can put you as my referee under the referral program? My email: Thanks.


Yvonnelew said...

Hi Mclaw, i have just replied you via email. Thanks!

- L O I - said...
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Yvonnelew said...

My eye sight is still very good. Went for check up in the middle of the year but forget to ask them for a receipt of my power. Overall it still vision 20/20 with slight astig at one side. Every person result will differ though.


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